Pulled Hamstring Medication in Waterford, MI

A pulled hamstring can be the result of an accident or injury and can be quite painful. In severe cases, you may find it difficult to walk or use your leg properly. Therefore, you need to seek professional help for pulled hamstring medication and treatments. At Michigan Chiropractic Specialists, our team of certified professionals care about your pain and want to help you find relief from your hamstring injury.

Pulled Hamstring

What Could Cause a Pulled Hamstring?

A pulled hamstring refers to an injury to one or more of the muscles in the back of the thigh. The injury could be a simple pull, or in more serious cases can result in a tear.

Pulling a muscle is a common injury that happens in many ways. Hamstring injuries commonly happen when running or walking that results in hyperextension of the hamstring area. Pulled hamstrings are common during highly physical sports, too, and are one of the most common injuries among athletes.

A pulled hamstring will often result in swelling, inflammation, and pain in the thigh, which could extend to the knee, hip, and lower leg. Usually, a pulled hamstring leaves you unable to walk and complete daily functions. Sometimes, pain due to a pulled hamstring can be relieved with a warm compress or a compression sleeve.

Pulled Hamstring Medication and Chiropractic Treatments

Medications, like pain relievers or muscle relaxers, prescribed by a doctor may help relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of a pulled hamstring. However, these medicines don’t treat a pulled muscle at its core. Chiropractic medicine focuses on skeletal alignment and internal healing.

Pulled Hamstring therapy

Massage therapy techniques may be useful for properly aligning the spine, hips, and legs. A massage can stimulate the muscles in the hamstring area to improve circulation and promote healing. A massage often immediately reduces pain and inflammation and may even help you regain mobility by loosening the muscles in the leg.