Headaches Alternative Treatments in Waterford, MI

Many people live with headaches and migraines simply because they don’t want to take painkillers. If you want natural remedies to alleviate headaches, alternative treatments are an excellent option. Our alternative therapies help you cope with either headaches, migraines or both.


Different headaches affect you in various ways. A tension headache is a dull headache that seems to press in on all sides of your head. This happens when your neck or scalp muscles become tense. The muscles then contract because of stress, anxiety, or muscle tension.

The pain from a cluster headache usually forms on one side of your head. You may also experience tearing in your eyes, a stuffy nose, or a droopy eyelid.

A sinus headache is the result of inflamed sinuses. The pain is usually on the bridge of your nose, forehead, and cheeks.


A migraine is a sharp, persistent, pulsating pain. You will usually also feel nauseous, have blurred vision, and have a sensitivity to light. The pain intensifies when you move. There are many common causes of migraines, and the triggers differ for each person.


We Can Help You

Our chiropractors at Michigan Chiropractic Specialists are committed to your total wellness. Our highly skilled team uses a variety of treatments to help you deal with either headaches or migraines.

Our first step is to assess your condition. We will help you determine the type of headaches you get, the cause, and the best treatment for you.

Headaches Alternative Treatments

If poor body alignment is the cause, then we will adjust the alignment of your body to provide immediate relief of the pressure on your nervous system. Besides helping with headaches, the adjustment will also improve long-term health and prevent future migraines and headaches.

We will also do an assessment to determine any other triggers. A trigger may have something to do with a physical activity, your diet, or an issue with another system in your body. Whatever the triggers, we will prescribe alternative treatments and medicines to help you prevent future pain.

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