Treatment of Chronic Constipation in Waterford, MI

Chronic constipation is a common affliction. More than fifty million Americans experience at least one episode of constipation each year, with many of those experiencing constipation of a chronic nature.
Chronic constipation is multifactorial in nature. This means that it has many different causes within the body, and therefore treatment of chronic constipation also has a variety of different treatments depending on its cause in each individual case.

Reasons Why Chronic Constipation Occurs

Chronic constipation is sometimes a natural result of the impact of the aging process on the bowels, where the motility of the intestines does tend to slow with age in most people.

It may also be a result of decreased mobility or decreased physical activity levels. This is because using the muscles of the body and moving around helps to keep the bowels active.

Another cause of chronic constipation is a lack of fluid or fiber in the diet, as both factors are required in necessary quantities to have regular bowel movements.

Finally, medications and some medical conditions can result in constipation as well.

Chronic Constipation Treatment

Treatment of Chronic Constipation

Treatment of chronic constipation is as diverse as its causes. In some people, simply getting more physically active, drinking more fluids, and eating more fiber-rich foods such as fruit, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains is sufficient to keep their bowels more regular.

For others, they may require chiropractic care to bring subluxations of the spine back into alignment, allowing for optimal innervation of the bowels.

Some people benefit from the use of laxatives or similar types of medication. These work by bulking up the stool, stimulating the bowels to move, or lubricating the bowels to allow for stool to more easily pass.

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