Treating Sciatic Nerve Pain Symptoms in Waterford, MI.

Treating Sciatic Nerve Pain Symptoms

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is peripheral neuropathy (or nerve dysfunction) condition caused by damage or compression to the sciatic nerve. It is often referred to as a “pinched sciatic nerve” outside of the healthcare profession. Individuals with sciatica often experience intense sciatic nerve pain symptoms. These symptoms can range from discomfort to severe pain and mobility issues.

A variety of conditions can cause sciatica; from degenerative diseases to pelvic injuries and trauma to the legs or buttocks. While the cause may not be immediately known, chiropractic experts can help you determine the cause of your symptoms.

What are the symptoms of Sciatica?

Most sciatic nerve pain symptoms relate to the lower back, hips, and legs. These symptoms usually occur only on one side of the body. Many patients report pain levels ranging from a dull ache to intense, sharp, stinging sensations.

Some individuals have excruciating pain in these areas that can limit movement for hours or even days. While many factors can aggravate your sciatic nerve pain symptoms, chiropractic care can help reduce your pain so you can start feeling better.

Treating Sciatic Nerve Pain

How can chiropractic care treat sciatic nerve pain symptoms?

Chiropractic care can treat many conditions, including sciatica. Chiropractors are expertly trained in diagnosing and treating sciatic symptoms in non-invasive, gentle, and natural ways. This is preferred over more invasive surgical procedures which can leave adverse effects that may last for a lifetime.

The professionals at Michigan Chiropractic Specialists in Waterford use the most effective practices possible. From stretching methods, specially tailored exercises, and spinal adjustments, to deep tissue massage, and more. They will help you find the relief you need from your sciatic nerve pain symptoms.

Chiropractic care helps your nervous system for improved wellness and a better quality of life. Why not let us help you with your sciatic nerve pain symptoms by calling and making an appointment today?