Treating Carpal Tunnel Naturally in Waterford, MI

Treating Carpal Tunnel Naturally

Carpal tunnel can be caused by making repetitive movements with your hand or wrist over long periods of time. The symptoms usually arise gradually and are easier to treat if identified early. If you are feeling increased numbness, tingling, or weakness in your hands that interfere with normal activities, it might be time to see a doctor. Ask about treating carpal tunnel naturally before surgery is required.


Carpal tunnel causes tingling and numbness. These sensations occur in your thumb and forefinger or middle and ring fingers but not in your little finger. A sensation similar to a mild electric shock is also commonly felt.

Each symptom usually starts small and increases in magnitude over time, so it’s important to identify the issue early and seek treatment.


Shake it out. Gently shake your hands and take time to stretch the muscles in your fingers and wrists. You might also try resting the affected hand for a few minutes every hour, especially during periods of high activity.

If that doesn’t work and your pain persists, apply ice or a cold compress directly to the affected area or soak it in an ice water bath for 10-15 minutes a couple of times per hour.

Treating Carpal Tunnel

Natural Treatments

As part of your physical examination, your doctor might check the feeling in your fingers and the strength in your wrist and hand. If carpal tunnel is determined to be the problem, you may begin a series of physical therapy exercises to help strengthen the target area.

You may also be fitted with a splint or a brace to wear while you sleep, as people tend to bend their wrists while sleeping, which often makes the symptoms worse. This brace may also be worn during the day, especially during activities that cause the most pain.

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