Traction Therapy for Lower Back Pain in Waterford, MI

Lower Back Pain

Back pain affects millions of people across the country and can stop you from enjoying the activities you love. The most common form of back pain is in the lower back which is responsible for supporting the weight of your body and facilitating everyday movements such as bending and twisting. One effective treatment for injuries to this area of the spine is traction therapy for lower back pain.

Symptoms of lower back pain

The severity of lower back pain can vary; however, signs of lower back pain can include a dull throbbing ache, burning or tingling pain that can radiate from the lower back down the legs, stiffness in the pelvis and hips, pain that worsens with inactivity, and problems walking or moving between sitting and standing positions.

Cause of lower back pain

Most lower back pain is due to injuries to the muscles, connective tissues, and spinal discs. Strains and sprains are the most common injury and often result from sudden trauma, such as a sports injury, but they can also occur over time from repeated stress and overuse.

Other causes can include disc degeneration, herniated disc, osteoarthritis, narrowing of the spinal canal or nerve compression

What is traction therapy?

Spinal traction therapy for lower back pain is a method of decompressing the spine using longitudinal force that can be applied both manually or mechanically with the use of a specialized traction table.

During manual traction therapy, your physiotherapist applies force directly to the spinal joints for targeted decompression. While mechanical traction therapy is better suited for patients, who require longer traction sessions and is performed under the supervision of a chiropractor who can change the weight and force of the traction according to your needs as a patient.

Traction Therapy for Lower Back Pain

Benefits of traction therapy

Spinal traction therapy effectively reverses the effects of gravity on the spine and can alleviate your lower back pain by reducing pressure on nerves, improving joint mobility and increasing blood and nutrient circulation to the nerves, tissues and spinal discs.

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