Therapy for Stress and Anxiety in Waterford, MI

Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety is an acute feeling of tension, worry, and apprehension. It’s a debilitating condition that almost 20% of the population struggles with. In today’s demanding modern world, it can feel as though there is no way out. Although medication can seem like the only solution, there are more healthy alternatives that try to remedy the situation by fixing the mind-body connection.

Traditional Therapy for Stress and Anxiety

Counseling and talk therapy are excellent for understanding our emotions and developing coping mechanisms. However, the stress and anxiety an individual feels daily may not go away.

Medication only masks these unpleasant feelings without addressing the cause. Individuals also risk becoming physically dependent on medication, and the withdrawal symptoms of that effect can pose a physical health risk. Even more alarming are the side effects and added stress our organs take on while trying to flush out the synthetic chemicals present in these medications.

Chiropractic Adjustments as Therapy for Stress and Anxiety

Our emotions have a direct connection to our physical health, and we tend to store emotions such as stress in different regions of our body. Anxiety and stress can manifest as pain in the upper and lower back, which can lead to poor posture and a misaligned spine.

The spine and the central nervous system work in tandem, and the nervous system is also responsible for balancing hormones in our bodies. Hormones then maintain a state of balance in an individual’s mood, blood pressure, and sleeping habits.

Spinal misalignment also exacerbates feelings of stress, leading to a vicious cycle. Anxiety and panic can also unexpectedly surface because of spinal misalignment, but regular adjustments from Michigan Chiropractic Specialists can correct these issues.

Let Us Help You Find Balance

Our chiropractic services are an excellent and effective form of therapy for stress and anxiety. It’s time to make a change. Don’t let your anxiety and stress take away your quality of life.