Spinal Traction Therapy in Waterford, MI

Spinal Traction

Back and neck pain affects millions of Americans and can significantly interfere with your daily life. Weakness in other parts of the body often accompanies the pain, which may indicate that you are suffering from a problem with your spinal discs. If you are experiencing spinal disc issues, your chiropractor may recommend spinal traction therapy.

What Is Spinal Traction Therapy?

Spinal traction therapy is a treatment that exerts gentle longitudinal force to stretch the spine and relieve pressure on the spinal discs and surrounding tissues. This therapy can be performed either manually or mechanically with a specially designed apparatus.

The type of spinal traction used depends on the nature of your condition. Before undergoing a course of spinal traction therapy, your chiropractor may perform a thorough assessment.

Manual Spinal Traction

Manual spinal traction therapy is performed using the hands or specialized tools to exert controlled force to distract the spine. It is a gentle technique where the chiropractor can determine the force or weight of the traction and the duration needed as the session progresses.

Mechanical Spinal Traction

Mechanical spinal traction uses a specialized motorized table with a harness to apply a stretching force to the spine. This is a slightly more intense therapy used for severe conditions and done under the supervision of your chiropractor.

Spinal Traction Therapy

Benefits of Spinal Traction Therapy

Spinal traction is an effective alternative to surgery for chronic back and neck pain due to herniated and slipped discs. It is also an effective therapy for degenerative disc disease and sciatica. It provides the body with the opportunity to heal itself by relieving pressure and pain on the spine and restoring them to their normal function.

Unlike surgery and medications, there are also no known serious side effects or complications that arise from spinal traction. However, for patients with certain cancers or osteoarthritis, this treatment is unsuitable.

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