Source Point Therapy in Waterford, MI

Chiropractic care is a proven medical approach which aims to alignment correctly. A significant component of body adjustment is shifting the body’s energy into line, which is where source point therapy comes into play.

Source Point

Patients seek out source point therapy because of its non-invasive, drug-free, all-natural approach to healing. Using energy as a healing tool, it is the perfect treatment to take alongside your regular chiropractic care. In addition to healing the body, it also eases the mind with proven mental health benefits.

Our chiropractic team of professions is ready to assist you in balancing and harnessing your energetic flow, leaving you with more energy to get on with your day, as well as preventing any future conditions from causing discomfort and irritation.

Most of our patients come to us complaining that the demands of their life have left them feeling drained of energy – we couldn’t agree more! Patients dealing with medical conditions often feel exhausted due to the energy required to get on with everyday life. If you feel that way, perhaps source point therapy will be the perfect way to recharge your energy.

Source Point Therapy

With a chiropractic approach to health, our specialists assess complete wellbeing. When you come to us for source point therapy, we will ensure to take a full assessment of your overall health, looking for signs and symptoms of underlying conditions, which can typically be healed with a series of corrections – physical manipulations that return your body to balance.

For energy to flow, your body must be in optimal condition. So, are you ready to let source point therapy give you an added boost in life?

Chiropractic helps your nervous system for improved wellness and a better quality of life. It’s your life, live it in health, call us today for an appointment.