Shoulder Arthritis in Waterford, MI

Arthritis, one of the most common ailments in older individuals, is an inflammation of the joints that commonly affects the fingers, neck, and shoulders. There are many different subtypes of arthritis, many of which have a range of treatment options available.

Shoulder Arthritis

Impacts on Quality of Life

Many of these types of arthritis can occur in the shoulder. Shoulder arthritis is often similar to arthritis of the wrist or knees, indicated by pain and stiffness. Other symptoms can include redness and tenderness around the affected area. Loss of range of motion can start to appear over time, and short-term fixes like anti-inflammatory medications do little to reduce this symptom.

At first, shoulder arthritis may only be noticeable to people who do sports or moderate-to-heavy lifting. However, as the pain increases, it can start to affect low-impact activities like cooking, cleaning, and even arts and crafts – making everyday life more difficult. Caring for pets, children and loved ones can become much more difficult if shoulder arthritis is left untreated.


Chiropractic Options

Chiropractic treatment for shoulder arthritis can vary based on the patient and the type of arthritis involved. Heat and ice therapy can dramatically reduce pain and inflammation for some patients, while others respond better to shoulder immobilization and rest. Some treatment strategies mostly rely on keeping the inflammation and damage from getting any worse. In some cases, partnering with a physical therapist for additional care may also be appropriate.

At Michigan Chiropractic Specialists, we treat patients with a wide range of conditions over many parts of the body. Shoulder arthritis is a common condition, and our experienced staff can quickly determine how to restore your comfort and mobility. We can partner with other medical professionals to get you back to where you need to be, often without invasive surgeries or medications.