Pressure Point Therapy in Waterford, MI

Pressure Point Therapy

What Is A Pressure Point?

Pressure points, also known as trigger points, are spots in the body where the muscle is knotted, or tense. These tight spots cause limited range of motion, soreness, and pain. While this can happen anywhere in the body, the neck, shoulders, and back are the most common areas for a pressure point to develop.

These trigger spots can arise from repetitive motions, stress, or injury. Performing the same task over and over, such as with assembly line work or playing tennis, can overuse a muscle and cause it to become knotted. Injury to the area is another common cause for pressure points.

Stress naturally causes tension throughout the body and can lead to tight muscles and knots.

How Can I Relieve Muscle Tension?

When pressure points cause discomfort, it’s time to seek out help. Pressure point therapy performed by a chiropractic doctor can loosen the tensed muscle, relieve pain, and restore range of motion.

Chiropractors perform pressure point therapy in a variety of ways. The most basic method is applying massage pressure to the affected area using the hands.

Various pressure point instruments are also available for chiropractic use. These instruments provide the same massage action without causing strain to the practitioner’s hands. Using calculated motions and prolonged pressure, the chiropractor works out the tension from the knotted muscle.

Acupressure, trigger point massage, and physical therapy are also common treatments in pressure point therapy.  Physical therapy is often recommended to help patients who have long-term or ongoing muscle tenseness. When the brain becomes accustomed to moving the body in conjunction with knotted muscles, it must be retrained to move correctly once the knots are removed.  This helps prevent the muscles from becoming knotted again.

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