Pregnancy Medication in Waterford, MI

Pregnancy Medication

Are you pregnant and suffering from a chronic condition? Do you need to take pregnancy medication? This incredibly joyful time can sometimes be shadowed by fear. Hopefully, we can help you with some advice.

The first thing, to begin with, is that one needs to assume the majority of medications are contraindicative with pregnancy. This is a tough situation if you have a chronic or medicated condition, or if your pregnancy itself is making you sick, and you feel the need for medication.

The good news is that pregnancy is perhaps teaching us something. A life lesson that we mothers can carry forward. Most health professionals agree that a good deal of medicated conditions can be healed by non-medicated solutions, the only trouble is they may take a little more time, and nearly always take a little more effort, however, just like with pregnancy the results are worth the wait.

Many prescribed medications purely provide relief from symptoms, acting as a band-aid, that is, solving the problem while the body fights its own battle. The patient has a headache; we prescribe a pain relief medication. However, like a band-aid, it is a temporary relief. If a headache is prolonged, there may be a more significant cause, for example, spinal misalignment.

Of course, on the flip side of this, there are some genetic conditions that do require pregnancy medication.

Mothers who need pregnancy medication should immediately consult with their obstetrician and conduct careful research into what is available that will not be harmful.

Pregnancy medication prescribed, should be vitamin or mineral based if possible. Many herbal alternatives are available for common ailments, and although they may not be as quick acting, they are much more beneficial for long-term results and overall health, which is of vital importance for your current condition and your new life as a mother.

During pregnancy, normally an obstetrician will prescribe a vitamin or mineral supplement as pregnancy medication, which includes folic acid.

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