Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients in Waterford, MI

Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

Approximately 75 percent of the world’s population takes a supplement every day, but the quality of ingredients in supplements can be very different, with some being far purer than others.

The FDA does not regulate supplements and herbal products, and so many over the counter products do not contain exactly what’s listed on the label, and often include potentially harmful substances such as fillers and dyes.

When a supplement is made of pharmaceutical grade ingredients, it’s guaranteed to be 99 percent pure.

Unfortunately, only 3 percent of products on the market are designated as pharmaceutical grade.

What’s particularly concerning is that with supplements that aren’t of pharmaceutical grade, contaminants can be present that aren’t listed on the label and can be potentially dangerous to people with allergies.

Choosing supplements that aren’t pharmaceutical grade is also questionable because they cost money but don’t actually contain the ingredients, or level of ingredients, which contribute to increased health.


What are Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements?

Supplements are given a pharmaceutical grade label when they’re manufactured from the purest form of the nutrient and ensure maximum absorption by the body.

Because they’re absorbed better into the bloodstream than supplements that are less pure, pharmaceutical grade supplements are far more effective in treating the targeted health issue, and people who take pharmaceutical grade supplements report feeling better overall than those taking supplements that aren’t pure.

Pharmaceutical grade ingredients are manufactured by professional companies with the use of scientific studies and other medical resources and guarantee that every supplement is made up entirely of the active ingredient with no allergens or contaminants.

Supplements that are of pharmaceutical grade ingredients might appear to be costlier than over the counter supplements at first glance but actually are not when the percentage of pure ingredients is taken into consideration.

Your chiropractor will suggest supplements with pharmaceutical grade ingredients that, combined with other chiropractor care, can help cure what ails you.

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