Nutrition Counseling in Waterford, MI

Nutritional Counseling Services

Every year, more is discovered in the fields of medical science, nutrition, and dietary science about how our diet and the things that we eat influence our overall health and wellbeing.

From the antioxidants contained in red wine to the hormones in farmed chicken, there is more to know than ever before about the food we eat, its nutritional content, and what we should be eating more or less of for a long and healthy life.

However, most of us do not have hours to dedicate every week to read up on food and nutritional science, and nor do we know everything we probably need to make healthy food choices for ourselves every day.

This is why nutritional counseling is important. Seeing a certified nutritional counselor can set you up for success and health for the rest of your life. Whether you’re hoping to lose weight, gain muscle, or something else altogether, a nutritional counselor will work with you to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Understanding the Role of Nutritional Counseling

Many people who have never seen a nutritional counselor do not know what to expect on their first appointment.

A certified nutritional counselor will often start your appointment by reviewing a journal of what you have eaten over a period, usually three days or a week in the past. They will use this information to develop an understanding of the foods you eat, your needs and preferences when it comes to food and nutrition, and what gaps in your nutrition might exist based on your current diet.

They will then work with you to set some goals and come up with a plan for meeting them. Whether you want to double your vegetable intake or avoid processed food, nutrition counseling can help you achieve it.