Neuropathic Pain Treatment Options in Waterford, MI

Neuropathic pain or nerve pain is due to damage to the nerves, rather than from a specific injury. Finding the cause is important because curative solutions vary according to the source of the problem. There are a variety of neuropathic pain treatment options available that may be successful to target your pain.

Chiropractic intervention

If your neuropathic pain and tingly limbs are caused from nerve compression, chiropractic manipulation can help. Discomfort can be alleviated or eliminated with adjustments to realign the spine. Strategies like the Active Release Technique (ART) and fascial release technique can release nerves affected by connective tissues.

When the vertebrae in the spine start to degenerate with age, the roots of the spinal nerves constrict and lead to neuropathy. Your chiropractor can relieve this pressure and restore normal function.

Chiropractic has proven successful in the treatment of neuropathy. Consult your chiropractor to see if this option will work for your situation.

Lifestyle and dietary changes

Getting adequate exercise delivers oxygen to nerves that have been damaged so it is essential to start a routine you are comfortable with and can continue long-term.

Eating fruits and vegetables that contain antioxidants and essential vitamins directly affects nerves, destroys free radicals that can damage body cells that cause impediments to nerve transmission.

Physical therapy

Your individual condition and requirements determine how physical therapy will aid in relieving your neuropathy. Your therapist may include exercises to improve range of motion, strength, and flexibility.

Additional attention may be paid to balance activities that include proper posture and supportive footwear. Splints or braces may also be recommended for one nerve or group of nerves affected, like in the wrist for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Occupational therapy

Daily life skills are emphasized in occupational therapy. Participants learn about ergonomic changes they can make to increase mobility and reduce pain, prevent falls, adjust personal habits to prevent a blood pressure drop and avoid toxic substances.

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