Neuromuscular Massage Therapy in Waterford, MI

Neuromuscular massage therapy is one of many techniques utilized by licensed professionals to help reduce your pain and uncomfortable symptoms. This technique is effective for a range of conditions or injuries resulting from serious accidents. Massage therapy techniques are a holistic way to promote healing and relieve pain, while also focusing on skeletal alignment and relieving stress, both mentally and physically.


What Is Neuromuscular Massage Therapy Used For?

Massage therapy is typically used to treat various conditions and injuries to the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones. Neuromuscular massage therapy also called trigger point therapy, is generally used for soft tissue areas, usually located in the back. This massage style features varying pressure applied with the knuckles, elbows, palms, or other instruments to loosen muscles and surrounding tissues. This therapy can also promote increased circulation.

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy

The pressure is applied to certain “trigger points” that are connected to important muscle groups and nerves. These trigger points carry stress, which is linked to tightness and pain in the affected area. By targeting these specific points, the massage therapy technique is effective for relieving pain and swelling all over the body.

What to Expect After Massage Therapy

After you undergo massage therapy, you should expect some immediate relief from tension and pain. However, it is common to experience some soreness at the massage site due to the intense pressure from the massage. This soreness should not be extreme and usually goes away 24-48 hours after the massage. A hot shower or warm compress may help relieve this soreness quickly.

After the soreness subsides, you should feel relaxed, and experience an increased range of motion and reduced symptoms. Repeat sessions are recommended for managing recurring pain and chronic conditions.

At Michigan Chiropractic Specialists we use massage therapy techniques to promote physical healing and relaxation. Our practices can help you overcome serious injury and achieve postoperative healing.

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