Neck Pain Healing Naturally in Waterford, MI

Neck pain may appear suddenly after an illness or injury or develop slowly over a long period of time. Modern living, especially prolonged screen usage, can force us to maintain an unnatural pose for several hours. Maintaining these poses for extended periods can create strains on the spinal column and supporting muscles.

Neck Pain

Poor posture, particularly caused by looking down at hand-held devices, is a major contributor to strains or sprains of the neck. Pain may present in the neck itself or in the head, shoulders, or arms.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

While over-the-counter or prescription medication may help reduce pain in the short term, there are several methods of neck pain healing naturally you should consider. These methods may include manual adjustment or manipulation, dietary supplements, or stretching.

The holistic, non-invasive nature of chiropractic therapy make it an ideal way of managing both chronic and acute neck pain. We will work with you to identify lifestyle factors and any underlying issues that may cause or aggravate your current condition.

Your doctor will then propose an individually tailored plan that may include the use of heat and/or ice treatment, or myofascial trigger point therapy. All recommendations are designed as part of a complete and comprehensive program to promote general wellness.

Ongoing Treatment

Neck pain is extremely common and can affect your way of life in any number of ways. While many people only seek help for the acute or sudden onset of pain, consideration should be given to preventative or maintenance care.

Chiropractic Care
Adjusting your sleeping position, investing in a suitable pillow, getting regular exercise, and removing foods known to cause inflammation are all ways which may contribute to neck pain healing naturally.

Combining regular chiropractic visits with some or all of the above suggestions may result in general improvement of your overall health.