Massage Therapy for Chronic Pain in Waterford, MI

Living with chronic pain can be debilitating. With chronic pain, you could have trouble sleeping or doing simple daily tasks. With it affecting multiple facets of your life, you may feel defeated and frustrated.

There are, however, ways of managing chronic pain. Massage therapy for chronic pain is one of the ways to provide relief and ease discomfort. Massages help with improving blood flow and alleviate pain in the joints, tendons, and muscles.

Chronic Pain

Benefits of massage therapy

While there are many benefits of massage therapy, the below are two of the more common ones.

Improves muscle tonicity

When your muscles are weaker, they tend to be more susceptible to pain. Massages help to strengthen these tired muscles and revitalize your body’s strength. It also helps to keep muscles toned and functioning correctly. This is crucial as your muscles work more efficiently when they are properly toned. When your muscles grow fatigued, chronic pain tends to happen as your muscles are no longer working at their optimal potential.

Release of serotonin

Massage therapy helps to release a chemical compound known as serotonin. This chemical compound is found in the central nervous system, GI tract as well as blood platelets. The level of serotonin in your body is an indicator of your mood, anxiety and cognition levels.

Massages will help to release serotonin and combat chronic pain by lowering stress levels. At the same time, it will also release endorphins and boost dopamine levels which helps to calm the nerves and also deal with pain management.

Massage Therapy

How we can help

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