Massage for Achilles Tendinitis in Waterford, MI

Achilles tendon
The role of the Achilles tendon is to connect the muscles of the back of the calf to the bones of the heel. When this tendon becomes inflamed, this is referred to as Achilles tendonitis. Achilles tendonitis is among the most painful conditions of the lower leg, and one that can become worse if it goes untreated.

Achilles tendonitis is especially problematic because it affects a tendon that is used in almost all activities of daily life. From ballet to running around a barbecue, from sprinting to swimming in the ocean, any activities on or using our feet will involve the use of the Achilles tendon. However, this also means the tendon is prone to overuse through activities of everyday living.

Though some Achilles tendonitis may be idiopathic, or without a specific cause, the vast majority are caused by overuse during athletics, exercise, sports, or other repetitive strain activities that involve the ankles and feet. If you are a marathon runner, basketball player, or ballerina, you may be especially prone to Achilles tendonitis as you run, jump, and strain your Achilles tendons more than your average person.

Massage for Achilles Tendinitis
Massage for Achilles tendonitis is among the most effective treatments for the pain to the ankle and Achilles tendon. A licensed chiropractor can help you understand if massage is an appropriate therapeutic modality for your tendonitis and may suggest other complementary therapies that may help you as well.

Massage is especially helpful as it improves circulation and brings increased blood flow to the tissues surrounding the Achilles tendon. This increased blood flow can reduce pain and combat the effects of inflammation to the area.

Regardless of the cause of your pain, massage for Achilles tendonitis can reduce its severity and help you live a better, healthier, and more active life.

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