Leg Pain Syndrome in Waterford MI

Chronic pain in the legs (leg pain syndrome) can be caused by a number of diseases, disorders, and injuries surprisingly, not all of them directly related to the legs. Along with issues with mobility, swelling, and related problems, suffering from chronic pain in the legs is extremely debilitating in other ways. Extreme pain will discourage exercise, reduce energy, impacts mental health, and may eventually lead to related discomfort and pain as the patient changes posture and strains other muscles to try to feel more comfortable.

legs syndrome

What causes chronic leg pain?

Chronic pain the legs can be caused by a number of disorders and issues. Many of them are related to injuries which must be treated over time. Restless leg syndrome, sciatica, and injuries or inflammation of the joints or muscles are all common causes of chronic leg pain.

Many people who suffer from leg pain or lower extremity pain also suffer from pain in the lower back, and secondary posture issues.

Leg Pain Syndrome

Treating leg pain syndrome

One of the most effective ways to manage, minimize, and even cure chronic pain in the legs is chiropractic treatment. Many people who suffer from chronic leg pain have underlying problems that cause or worsen their pain, and pain medication alone will not address these issues. A chiropractor can help identify any problems with misalignment that have caused pain, providing complete or partial relief. As your chiropractor works with you, they will also be able to get to know your body, revealing injuries, posture problems, or strains you weren’t even aware of.

Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, a chiropractor can help leg pain sufferers from developing secondary issues if chronic pain impacts their posture.

Specific issues, injuries, and illnesses that cause leg pain syndrome will certainly require other treatments as well, and you will likely find the best relief from chronic leg pain through working with the doctor as well as your chiropractor.

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