Knee Pain Treatment in Waterford, MI

Knee Pain

In her famous, Wear Sunscreen speech, Mary Schmich of the Chicago Tribune said “Be kind to your knees, you’ll miss them when they’re gone.” Your knees are the driving force behind any kind of movement you may do throughout the day, and at Michigan Chiropractic we know how to keep you moving.

Trying to lift a big box, get something out of the cabinet, or even walk down the street becomes more complicated with just a small amount of knee pain. We follow a specific procedure for knee pain treatment to help you return to full function.

How it happens

There are many causes for knee pain, but simply, it results from improper functioning of the joint. The knee is incredibly complex, bringing together the tibia, fibula, patella, and femur. These bones combine with an array of muscles that join everything together, and ligaments that help stabilize the knee during motion. These include your hamstrings, IT band, quadriceps, anterior cruciate ligament, and medial collateral ligament, among others.
Due to intense impact from a sports injury, or deterioration over time from issues like arthritis, the knee joint is susceptible to several issues. If any one of its many components stops working properly, then you will notice an increase in immobility and pain. The second it happens, you should seek knee pain treatment from Michigan Chiropractic Specialists.

knee pain treatment

How we treat it

Depending on your symptoms, and the likely cause of your knee pain, we have several possible treatment plans.

For more clear-cut injuries that result from any kind of athletic event, we will utilize manual adjustments and strength exercises in combination with more low impact therapies like ultrasound and electrical muscle stimulation. Manual manipulations and massages are also frequently used in cases of arthritic knees.

Regardless of the reason or the type of pain, we ensure improvement. Let us bring you better health and a better way of life through chiropractic wellness care.