Herniated Disc Treatment in Waterford, MI

A herniated disc can be very painful and result in decreased mobility. While a herniated disc may be a common source of back pain, it can be very serious, particularly if you leave it untreated.

Herniated Disc

What is a Herniated Disc?

Spinal discs allow the spine to bend in all directions. When these discs become inflamed, they are categorized as herniated. Stress and repetitive force can cause this condition, which is why it’s commonly diagnosed in those who do manual labor for work, professional athletes, or those who are more active than normal.

How do I know I have a Herniated Disc?

If you have been more active than usual or you have performed a strenuous activity that involves your core and back, and are experiencing pain when you move or try to twist, you could be suffering from a herniated disc.
It’s always best to check with your physician or chiropractor to have a formal diagnosis.

Herniated Disc Treatment

Treatment for Herniated Discs

While serious and in some cases, debilitating, herniated disc treatment is quite common and well understood by health professionals.

Treatment options include spine adjustments, stretching techniques, and/or cold-hot therapy. A process of trial and error is often necessary to find the right combination of treatments.

Spine adjustment is done by a chiropractor and involved gentle movement and re-adjusting of the spine.
A stretching regime may be identified depending on the nature of the herniated disc.,

Cold-hot therapy involves putting ice on the inflamed area for a period, and then hot water submersion directly after, and repeating.

These are just a few options for treatment of herniated discs. Your chiropractic specialist can provide the best treatment option for your situation.

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