Herniated Disc Syndrome in Waterford, MI

A herniated disc is incredibly painful and can potentially affect movement in the head, neck, back, arms, and legs. If you’ve discovered, you have a herniated disc in your spine, seeking immediate treatment can help reduce the chance of the condition worsening or affecting other areas of your body. Untreated herniated disc syndrome can easily become severe and debilitating.

What Is Herniated Disc Syndrome?

Your spine is made up of vertebrae, or small bones, separated by discs. Each disc acts as a cushion to keep the vertebrae from grinding against each other, causing irreversible damage and pain in the spine. Each disc has a hard, outer exterior with a softer interior, which gives it rigidity but also allows it to absorb pressure from the bones.

When a disc is herniated, the soft tissue inside begins to come out. A herniated disc can no longer absorb the pressure from vertebrae movement, causing the bones to grind against each other.

Herniated Disc

Herniated discs often result in severe pain and can affect all of the surrounding muscles and nerves. Nerve damage can cause pain in your extremities, and in severe cases can make it impossible for you to turn your head or adequately use your arms and legs.

How to Relieve Herniated Disc Pain

While it is crucial to seek professional help for your herniated disc, there are a few things you can do at home to relieve the pain while you wait for your appointment. If the area is swollen and inflamed, try adding an ice pack to reduce inflammation, alternating with a heat pad to increase blood flow and reduce pain temporarily.

Try not to put much stress on the area, moving slow and intentionally. If you feel a grinding sensation in your spine or neck during a particular movement, it is best to avoid that movement until your herniated disc can be treated. These methods may help ease discomfort. However, most herniated discs require medical attention to prevent them from getting worse and causing irreversible damage to the spine and bone.

Chiropractic Medicine for Herniated Disc

At Michigan Chiropractic Specialists, we focus on aligning the skeletal system and relieving unnecessary pressure on the spine. One of our specialists can determine the severity of your herniated disc syndrome and guide you through your treatment options. Targeted massage therapy may help to relieve your swelling and discomfort.

Chiropractic Medicine for Herniated Disc

Chiropractic helps your nervous system for improved wellness and a better quality of life. Why not let us help you by calling and making an appointment?