Heal Back Pain Naturally in Waterford, MI

Back Pain

Frequent back pain can be caused by stress, which creates tension and stiffness in the muscles that results in extended aches and inflammation. Other types of persistent back pain can occur due to poor posture, a slipped disc, or even as a sign of a more severe condition like sciatica.

A chiropractor is professionally trained to treat these and other causes of back pain. Chiropractors heal back pain naturally by utilizing manual spine adjustments to reduce pain and identifying the underlying causes to help prevent future injury.

The Importance of Alleviating Back Pain

If left untreated, minor back pain can develop into more severe injuries. For example, tension in the lower back can aggravate muscles to the point of causing a sprain. This injury, if left untreated, can then lead to permanent posture issues.

To treat a lumbar sprain, a chiropractor utilizes massage therapy to relax tense muscles, then realigns the spine to support the affected muscles and ligaments. Your chiropractor may also provide you with core exercises to strengthen treated areas and inform you of proper icing methods that stimulate blood flow. Chiropractic methods are designed to reduce pain, improve functionality, and heal back pain naturally.

Taking Care of Your Body

Correct spinal alignment is vital for maintaining its ability to send signals between the brain and the body. If you’re feeling back pain or discomfort, let us examine your issue so we can help you protect you from developing more severe back problems.

During your first session, we focus on diagnosing the specific areas you might be having problems with to ensure you get the correct treatment from us.

Once treatment begins, future sessions and consultations can focus on various ways of preventing future injuries. Your chiropractor may suggest anything from core rehabilitation exercises to lifestyle or dietary changes. Our priority is always your continual health and well-being.