Hamstring Muscle Injuries in Waterford, MI

Hamstring Muscle Injuries

Normally sports-related issues, Hamstring Muscle Injuries vary in severity. This injury is painful and if severe enough can inhibit your ability to walk. In the worst cases, the muscle tears and surgery is required. Hamstring Muscle injuries inhibit your ability to complete daily activities and live your life in health.

Hamstrings are a group of three muscles located along the back of your thigh. In partnership with the Quadriceps, they are the primary muscle group in charge of bending your knee. A wide range of athletes are affected by Hamstring Muscle Injuries, including runners, dancers, football players, and many more.

Injury occurs when an athlete does not warm up adequately before beginning exercise. In addition to this, tight Quadriceps draw the pelvis forward which commonly leads to Hamstring Muscle Injury.

hamstring muscle injury treatment

Hamstrings with previous muscle strains are more susceptible to being injured again. The temptation to return to activity before the muscles are fully healed is strong and increase the likelihood of muscle strains occurring again. Although pain subsides, you must take the proper steps for muscles to gain strength and heal before returning to activity.

Pain associated with Hamstring Muscle Injury can range from a dull ache to severe pain with movement. The lower buttocks and back of thigh feel a tightness signifying you may be injured, and in extreme cases, a snapping or popping feeling is experienced.

Chiropractic helps your nervous system and pressure is relieved from the affected muscles and nerves. Deep tissue work, lumbar spine adjustments, ultrasound, and elective muscle stimulation are all effective treatment methods. Drs. Adam and Amanda Apfelblat will use these methods to bring you back to better health.

The benefits of seeing our specialists at the Waterford, MI location of Michigan Chiropractic Specialists will heal your Hamstring Muscle Injury and improve your quality of life. Call and book an appointment so we can help you live your life in health today.