Failed Back Surgery Treatment Options in Waterford, MI

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome, or FBSS is a general term for any pre-existing pain or discomfort that open back surgery has failed to relieve.

FBSS may also describe pain or discomfort that comes as a result of recent back surgery. Symptoms of the syndrome range from mild to severe. They include pain spasms or stiffness around the site of surgery, often extending from the lower back into the legs. Because there is a range of possible causes for FBSS, the syndrome is quite common in back surgery patients.

The Causes of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

Some surgical operations have a much higher degree of success than others, but it’s important to realize that all back surgery patients are at risk of FBSS.

FBSS may arise due to misdiagnosis and ineffective surgery, where the nerve or joint operated on was not the actual source of a patient’s pain. Another cause is an incomplete or unsuccessful surgery, where the patient’s surgeon was unable to achieve their aim. The body’s own healing processes post-surgery may also cause a patient unfamiliar pain and discomfort, in cases where natural recovery has not occurred properly.

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The Benefit of Seeking Treatment for Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

No patient experiencing FBSS is beyond help. A course of chiropractic treatment can achieve pain relief, either temporarily or entirely.

General pain symptoms can be addressed with anti-inflammatory pain medication, or injectable medication when the pain is more acute.

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome treatment options also include physical therapy, involving chiropractic care for specific realignment or stress relief. This process can also reduce the risk of existing pain being aggravated further.

In the longer-term, the ultimate aim of re-examination and treatment is permanent relief from back pain, wherever possible.

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