Failed Back Surgery Syndrome in Waterford, MI

Failed Back Surgery

Patients with chronic back conditions sometimes undergo surgery in an attempt to treat the root of the problem. While many successful back surgeries are performed every year, some surgeries don’t completely fix the problem or introduce a new source of pain. Everything from scar tissue to posture changes can cause acute or chronic pain, loss of flexibility, and other issues. These conditions are known collectively as Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS), which is a well-known problem in the chiropractic community.

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome is often not the fault of the surgeon – it’s usually an unavoidable part of the recovery process from chronic back conditions treated by surgeries. The spine is complex and stabilizes your entire body. Surgery often requires cutting through skin, muscle, and other tissues that cushion and protect your spine, and when those are disturbed, back pain can sometimes worsen before it gets better.

Failed Back

The primary symptom of FBSS is pain, especially pain that radiates down into the legs. Patients may also experience acute pain around scar tissue, muscle spasms, or even limited mobility. In severe cases, Failed Back Surgery Syndrome can cause long-term disability, but this can often be prevented with proactive treatment and close monitoring of the patient after surgery.

Treatment options include physical therapy, medication, and chiropractic care. While pain is often manageable with over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication, severe pain may require prescription medicine. An experienced chiropractor can deal with a wide range of FBSS symptoms and causes and can team up with other medical experts to bring you relief, even in severe cases.

If you suspect your back surgery has left you with new sources of pain or simply didn’t fix the original problem, Michigan Chiropractic Specialists can determine if you suffer from Failed Back Surgery Syndrome. We use a range of imaging and spinal manipulation methods to find the cause of your pain and set you on the path to recovery. Let our state-of-the-art chiropractic equipment and technology help you achieve a better quality of life.