Failed Back Surgery Syndrome Remedies in Waterford, MI

Back Surgery Syndrome

It is an unfortunate reality that not every surgery ends in a successful result, and this is especially true of common back surgeries such as laminectomies or herniation repair.

Many people seek out surgical intervention for persistent back pain and discomfort that is not relieved by over-the-counter medication, exercise, positioning, or heat therapy. However, sometimes back surgeries do not achieve the desired result and may even result in increased pain and persistent discomfort in some cases.

Fortunately for those who have experienced this, there are effective failed back surgery syndrome remedies that can relieve pain and improve functioning in daily activities. If you have experienced a back surgery that failed to achieve its intended result, then these remedies may work well for you.

Back Surgery Syndrome Remedies

Diagnosis and Treatment of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

The most common distinguishing characteristic of failed back surgery syndrome is chronic and persistent pain following a back surgery that was intended to relieve it. It is postulated to occur for a wide range of reasons, from unrelieved herniation of the spinal discs to tissue compression of nerves and spinal deconditioning due to long periods of time spent in recovery from surgical procedures.

If you have back pain following back surgery, failed back surgery syndrome remedies can alleviate pain and solve the problems that cause continual discomfort for good. Chiropractic care is an excellent treatment modality for these cases.

A qualified chiropractor will work with you to provide manual manipulation of the bones of the spine, alleviating compression and small misalignments of the vertebrae that can contribute to back pain. Some people who have undergone chiropractic treatment regimens following failed back surgeries have reported a complete resolution of their pain and other symptoms.

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