Facet Joint Syndrome in Waterford, MI

Facet Joint Syndrome

Facet Joint Syndrome is a subtype of osteoarthritis that can cause significant pain that radiates throughout the back. The facet joints in your spine enable you to twist and bend.

While the pain is caused specifically by the two joints in the spine, especially in the neck and lower back, patients may also feel discomfort throughout their body due to worsening posture that puts a strain on other limbs. Certain types of movement, such as twisting and bending, can cause sharp pain. Patients over 50 are more likely to have Facet Joint Syndrome, but younger patients with certain risk factors may experience it as well.

Facet Joint Syndrome can sometimes fade on its own, but this type of injury can easily be re-aggravated. This vicious cycle of pain can often only be broken with long-term treatment options from a chiropractor. The longer you wait to get treatment, the worse the pain can get as it decreases your mobility. Severe cases of Facet Joint Syndrome eventually keep you from doing the things you love with family and friends.

Neck Pain

Fortunately, Facet Joint Syndrome remedies are relatively easy and don’t require surgical intervention or prescription medication. Short-term options for reducing pain include over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication, cold compresses, and heating pads. Treatment options for long-term relief include exercises and physical therapy to reduce pain and inflammation. A licensed chiropractor can provide the widest range of treatment options.

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