Facet Joint Syndrome Physical Therapy in Waterford, MI

Facet Joint Syndrome


Pain that originates in the back, ranging from mild to severe, and permeating downward through the spine and into the legs are symptoms of a condition called facet joint syndrome. Those seeking relief from this ailment frequently receive facet joint syndrome physical therapy, a method of treatment provided by chiropractors.

You can get immediate relief and long-lasting help from a chiropractor through facet joint syndrome physical therapy.

What is Facet Joint Syndrome Physical Therapy?

Frequently occurring in adults ages 50 and older, facet joint syndrome is a condition that manifests itself from osteoarthritis. The facet joints in your neck and back will degenerate and become inflamed.

The inflammation reduces the fluid needed to lubricate the joints. The result is the deterioration of cartilage, which can cause stiffness when walking or lifting, as well as sharp pain as the nerves become pinched.

Those suffering from facet joint syndrome will feel pain where these joints are located and will find it difficult to bend or rotate the back. It’s also a cause of poor posture.

The facet joints are located throughout the spine and are involved in the rotating movements of the neck and spine. Facet joint syndrome often manifests itself in the lower back, as it’s responsible for supporting the body’s weight. Aging also contributes to the deterioration of these joints.

Fortunately, it’s never too late to address the pain caused by this condition. Facet joint syndrome physical therapy offers a regime of physical therapy, such as massaging, stretching and exercise. Medical doctors may also prescribe pain-relief medications, typically sold over-the-counter.

Joint Syndrome Physical Therapy

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