Dizziness Chiropractor in Waterford, MI


Dizziness, often referred to as vertigo, is the feeling of losing balance or spinning. The sensation can be caused by distress in the head or neck area. Vertigo can also be a result of the inner ear or nerve complications.

Dizziness often causes unpleasant symptoms like nausea or vomiting and depending on the severity treatment may be necessary. Medication is commonly used to alleviate symptoms. Alternatively, vertigo can be treated by a dizziness chiropractor.

Chiropractic Methods

Typically, a chiropractor’s method of treatment is determined based on the cause of the dizziness.

Chiropractic manipulation of certain problematic joints can treat cervicogenic vertigo. Cervicogenic vertigo happens when the body isn’t moving as it should, and the central nervous system sends incorrect information to the brain.

The Epley Maneuver is used for vertigo resulting from vestibulocochlear issues. Debris can get stuck on the sensors that line the inner ear tubes. This leads to difficulty of the brain monitoring balance and motion.

A chiropractor may suggest tai-chi or other exercises since rrepetitive, slow motions can be efficient in regaining balance and equilibrium. A change in diet and nutrition may also be recommended. Certain foods and even vitamin deficiencies can cause dizziness.

A dizziness chiropractor will not just treat vertigo, but also provide benefits that will improve the overall quality of life.

Dizziness Chiropractor

Benefiting the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Aside from treating dizziness, chiropractic care is a holistic, non-invasive approach to physical wellness. Misalignment is directly related to the central nervous system. This signals responses to areas of the body not functioning properly.

The immune system is affected by misalignment of the spine. Often this will cause the body to be ineffective in fighting off infections. Being correctly aligned by a chiropractor strengthens the body’s ability to fight off infections without overuse of antibiotics.