Degenerative Disc Treatment in Waterford, MI

Older adults can suffer from a range of back problems, and unfortunately, degenerative disc disease is one of the most common. Your spine contains discs between each vertebra that are subject to wear and tear, just like all parts of your body. When these intervertebral discs weaken and grow thin, the resulting strain on your spine can cause significant pain, making degenerative disc treatment necessary to restore the quality of life.

Degenerative Disc

The most common areas affected are the neck and lower back, but different areas can experience pain depending on your posture and other aspects of your lifestyle. Some patients also experience sharp pains, numbness or tingling in their back or limbs as compressed tissue tightens around nerves.

The degenerative disc is not easily preventable, as it is mostly a symptom of old age, but heavy manual labor and contact sports can accelerate the development of the disease. Some patients may need to reduce their physical activity to avoid excessive wear and tear on their spine. Regardless of existing lifestyle factors, degenerative disc treatment from a chiropractor can dramatically reduce pain in all parts of your back and can even reduce related pain in your arms and legs.


Degenerative Disc x-ray

Diagnosing degenerative disc disease is usually accomplished with x-rays and other imaging. Once the damage is properly identified, our staff can use the Cox Technique in combination with other treatment methods to correct your degenerative discs and restore your quality of life. Simple exercises and posture modifications can also help accelerate the healing process. While more invasive treatment options are available, they are often unnecessary, as spinal manipulation and careful exercise can mitigate the worst of the damage.

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