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Cox Technique

The Cox Technique is a well-researched and renowned chiropractic technique that can provide significant relief to your lower back pain. It is commonly used to treat sciatica, slipped discs, facet syndrome, central stenosis, and more. Cox Technique chiropractors can apply a range of methods to reduce back pain and restore your body to its healthiest state.

Because of how lower back pain can radiate out to the rest of your body, the Cox Technique can also be used to treat arm and leg pain. Pinched nerves and limited mobility can also pose a major challenge if left untreated, but Cox Technique methods work quickly to reduce and resolve pain.

In-office Cox Technique decompression performed by a doctor is often supplemented with simple at-home exercises. Patients who follow their at-home exercise regimen as instructed by their doctor can see dramatic improvements in their well-being as their pain recedes. Depending on the exact circumstances, patients may also need to improve their posture or avoid certain physical activities in order to prevent re-aggravating the injury.

Cox Technique Chiropractors


Surgeries and medications work in many cases, but they take time to recover from and can be expensive. Medications can have unpleasant side effects or can even cause drug dependency issues. Cox Technique chiropractic treatment is a tried-and-true first option that can restore full mobility and quality of life to many patients with lower back pain.

A full consultation with a professional chiropractic team is critical to identify the source of the pain before treatment can begin. Pinched nerves and other spinal problems require careful care that can’t be obtained from a typical masseuse. Proper medical credentials can make the difference between a speedy recovery and a painful nightmare.

Our experienced Cox Technique chiropractors can make your pain management as quick and stress-free as possible without resorting to intrusive measures. We use safe decompression techniques in the comfort of our clean and professional offices. Let us bring you better health and a better way of life through chiropractic wellness care.