Contact Reflex Analysis in Waterford, MI

Have you been feeling a bit run down lately? Have you discussed your problem with your regular doctor, only to get nowhere? A healthy body flows with positive energy, which influences every muscle and brings out body into healthy alignment. However, it’s common for this flow to break, causing you to feel out of balance. If you’ve been struggling lately, perhaps contact reflex analysis is a great choice for you.

Based in, Waterford MI our experienced staff is ready to assist you with your every need. Our contact reflex analysis sessions are specifically designed to diagnose any potential energetic blocks present in your body. Once we discover the cause of your problems, we’re able to help you solve them.

How contact reflex analysis works

Contact reflex analysis works by gently pushing key muscles to react to stimulation. When we discover their reaction, we find out which points of your body are currently blocking your energetic flow. This results in better health as you feel your body’s energy in sync, unlike before where your energetic flow was prevented from moving past or around certain key points.

Contact Reflex Analysis

Our expert professionals examine your results and create a wellness program that is tailored to your every need. While each person’s program is different, the key theme is one of optimal balanced health. With contact reflex analysis, you can achieve a level of health that exceeds your expectations.

How contact reflex analysis helps you

How do you feel on a day-to-day basis? Have you noticed one part of your body giving you problems or underperforming? Do you simply feel tired all the time? Regardless of your complaint, our health-focused techniques can get even the most run-down body back on the path towards wellness.

With an innovative program that considers the role energy plays in your health, as well as keeping an eye on your body condition and posture, you are sure to experience greater health today and beyond.