Constipation Treatment in Waterford, MI

Constipation is a problem that millions of people suffer from yet few will openly discuss. Most people will suffer from constipation at least once in their lifetimes, while many more will suffer from occasional or frequent constipation on an ongoing basis.

Though there is some variation, normal patterns of bowel movement include passing a bowel movement between three times a day and once every three days. Any frequency less than this is considered constipation, as well as any frequency that is less than what is normal for an individual person. Additionally, bowel movements that are hard, solid, and difficult to pass are considered to be constipated as well.

Constipation has dozens of causes which are unique to the individual. These include lack of exercise, inadequate diet or lack of certain nutrients, genetics, and the use of certain medicines, including narcotic pain medications. As well, there are psychologic aspects to constipation, where one continually suppresses the urge to have a bowel movement, and eventually, this becomes a learned response.

As anyone who has experienced it will know, constipation can be quite painful and cause significant abdominal discomfort as the stool is unable to be passed. At worst, it may cause blockages that are considered to be a medical emergency.

Constipation treatment is usually focused on addressing the root causes of the stool that is infrequent, hard, or difficult to pass. In most cases, addressing the root causes may be sufficient; for instance, it may be recommended that you increase your water intake, exercising, or eating more fat and fiber. In some cases, supportive treatment may be recommended with the use of laxatives.

Constipation Treatment

Typical dietary recommendations for reducing constipation symptoms include increased intake of fibrous fruits and vegetables as well as complex carbohydrates such as whole-grain or multi-grain pasta, bread, and cereals.

A licensed chiropractor can provide suggestions and recommendations to solve all manner of digestive maladies, including constipation treatment.

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