Colicky Baby Treatment in Waterford, MI

A colicky baby can be concerning for even the most educated and patient of parents. Colic is relatively common, but almost half of all babies will suffer from colic during their infancy.

Colicky Baby
Everyone knows that colicky babies cry, but how much crying means colic? The usual definition of colic is an infant crying for more than three hours a day on more than three days per week for a series of at least three weeks in a row. Though there are likely many causes of colic, it is essential to rule out all other causes of excessive crying in infancy and eliminate the possibility of other medical issues before the diagnosis of colic is made.

Although colic can arise at any time during a child’s first year of life, it most commonly begins within the first two months of life and is resolved by the fourth. An important way to tell if it is colic versus another medical issue is that colicky babies continue to eat and feed well, while babies who are sick with something other than colic may not.

Colic appears to be very unpleasant for the infants experiencing it and can be very emotionally difficult for the parents or caregivers of these children as well. Thankfully, colicky baby treatments are available.

Colicky Baby Treatment
Some colicky baby treatments include repositioning during feeding to prevent gastroesophageal reflux, more frequent burping while your baby is being fed, and rubbing your baby’s belly or back while you are feeding him or her and immediately after.

Many babies respond well to rocking, swinging, and even singing from their parents when they are experiencing an episode of colic. It is essential to discuss effective treatments with your health care provider to make sure you are not missing anything important or helpful for your situation.

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