Colicky Baby Remedies in Waterford, MI

You finally brought home a bouncing bundle of joy only to discover that, well, sometimes that little bundle isn’t always quite so joyful. Fussy only starts to describe your baby. Sometimes, your baby screams and cries for hours, and you can’t figure out why. Is it colic? What exactly is colic, why does it make your baby cry so much, and how can you help?

Colicky Baby

What is Colic?

Colic is a catch-all term for a baby that seems to cry continuously, sometimes for hours on end. While some experts theorize that it can occur due to gastrointestinal problems, discomfort, or other similar issues, science hasn’t completely settled on an answer.

What Causes Colic?

Most often, colic diagnoses attribute the excessive crying to discomfort due to your little one’s body having too much air. This extra trapped air results from both bottle-fed and breastfed babies gulping air as they swallow. Excess air might enter your baby’s digestive or respiratory systems while your baby sucks on their pacifier as well.

Colic might also occur when your baby’s tummy doesn’t digest food very well. Again, these digestion difficulties can happen with both breastfed and bottle-fed babies. Increased spit-up, and sometimes a lack of spit-up at all, may mean your baby has colic.

In other cases, you may not be able to figure out why your newborn is crying. The world outside the womb is a big and scary place with weird things like gravity that make life hard. This new environment can take a toll on your tiny tot’s body.

Colicky Baby Treatment

How Can Colic be Cured?

Colicky baby remedies are easy to find—almost everyone you know probably has an idea for how to treat your tearful infant. How do you know who to trust?

Rather than merely treating the symptoms by giving your child medicines that may make things worse, seek help that can fix the problem at the source.

The solution for colic lies with chiropractic support. A licensed practitioner analyzes your baby’s body and determines the right way to remedy what ails them. With time and care, your colicky baby’s digestive and skeletal problems will respond to treatment, and your colicky baby will find a new sense of calm.

Chiropractic helps your nervous system for improved wellness and a better quality of life. Why not let us help you by calling and making an appointment.