Chiropractor for Vertigo in Waterford, MI

Chiropractor for Vertigo

A condition that can leave you feeling dizzy and nauseous, with headaches for prolonged periods is known as vertigo.

Often mislabeled as the feeling one gets when dealing with heights, more correctly referred to as acrophobia, vertigo, in fact, is a symptom of a bigger issue and not the condition itself. Vertigo can be treated painlessly, however, with the help of a specialist.

Causes of Vertigo

A balance problem in the inner-ear usually is the issue that causes vertigo, but it can also be a problem in certain parts of the brain.

At times, different head movements during regular daily activities can trigger a vertigo event. This is called benign paroxysmal position vertigo (BPPV).

Other causes could be migraines or inner ear infections. The vestibular nerve, which is a pathway between the inner ear and the brain, may also become inflamed causing balance issues.

In some cases, vertigo can also lead to ringing in the ears, increased body temperature, and loss of hearing, making the problem feel even worse.

Treatment of Vertigo

Treatment of Vertigo

While it is possible for vertigo to clear up on its own over time, in some cases it can linger for months or even years and become devastating, affecting even the ability to stand.

In either case, a chiropractor for vertigo can help treat the issue with particle repositioning movements. A well-known term for this is the Epley maneuver.

Developed by Dr. John Epley in 1980, the Epley maneuver is a simple series of gentle movements performed by a chiropractor that reposition the head to manipulate the loose crystals (canaliths) in the inner ears.

This adjustment of the crystals lessens their stimulation on the nerves which causes BPPV.

A chiropractor for vertigo may also suggest Cawthorne head exercises, or vestibular rehabilitation habituation exercises, a series of eye and head movements that desensitize the nerves in the inner ear, leading to improvement in vertigo symptoms.

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