Chiropractor for Leg Pain in Waterford, MI

Chiropractor for Leg Pain

Many people experience leg pain daily, and in many ways, and for numerous reasons. Some people might feel it radiating from the lower back, while some may feel it only behind the knee, and some feel it in the feet and toes.

The location of pain depends on the neurological or anatomical structures that are involved, and so seeking medical attention is essential to pinpoint the cause and develop a treatment strategy.

What Can Cause Leg Pain?

Because the legs are complex structures, there are many causes of leg pain, and some don’t stem from the leg at all.

Our legs can hurt because of dehydration, muscle cramps, side effects from medications, nutritional deficiencies, muscle strains or tears, muscle fatigue, injury to tissues such as ligaments and tendons, injuries to ankles, hips or knees, poor biomechanics, problems with vertebral discs, and more.

Leg pain can pinpoint problems in the lower back. Nerves, such as the sciatic nerve, run down through the spine into the legs and feet, and so any compression in a nerve in the lower back will usually be felt as pain that radiates down the leg and often into the feet.

Chiropractic Care for Leg Pain

Chiropractic Care for Leg Pain

Treatment is dependant on the diagnosis, and so chiropractic care for leg pain will begin with a thorough examination to determine the underlying cause.

Failing to determine the cause of the pain will only lead to an increase in symptoms, and sometimes surgery becomes the only option.

Because misalignments of the spine can compress the nerves that run down the legs, chiropractic care for leg pain will focus on gentle, non-invasive adjustments and manipulations to allow the spine and nervous system to work as it should.

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