Chiropractor for Hip Pain in Waterford, MI

Hip joint pain x ray

Our hips are engaged in almost every movement we make, and so any kind of injury to our hips can significantly interfere with our enjoyment of everyday activities, such as walking or bending to lift our kids.

While hip pain can signal a degenerative condition such as osteoarthritis, it can be a symptom of another injury or ailment, so it’s important to seek medical attention at the first sign of hip pain.

And while hip pain can worsen over time, chiropractic care can reverse the causes of hip pain, or help alleviate it in degenerative conditions.

What Causes Hip Pain?

Pain in our hips can originate in the hip joint, or the pain could radiate from surrounding structures and tissues such as muscles or ligaments. Our hip pain can also arise from the spine.

In older adults, hip pain is commonly caused by degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis. Wear and tear over time causes loss of protective cartilage and the breakdown of the joint.

Rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis are other degenerative conditions that can cause hip pain.

Wear and tear from overuse, particularly in athletes or people who work in jobs that involve repetitive lifting or twisting, can cause hip pain. This pain might originate in the hip itself or be felt radiating from the lower back.

Hip pain can be the result of a traumatic injury. Elderly people, for example, are susceptible to hip injuries that are a result of falling. Falls can result in either broken bones, or strained, sprained or bruised muscles and ligaments.

Hip pain can also be radiating from an injury to the lower back. Any dysfunction of the joints in the lower back can be felt as hip pain.

Chiropractor for Hip Pain

Compression of the sciatic nerve that runs through the lower back can also be felt in the hip.

Treatment for Hip Pain

Your chiropractor for hip pain will determine the cause of the pain, and then prescribe a treatment that will include spinal adjustments and stretching and strengthening exercises.

Chiropractic care can reduce the inflammation, relax and strengthen muscles, and improve the mobility of the hip joints, which will reduce hip pain.