Chiropractor for Back Pain in Waterford, MI

Chiropractor for Back Pain

Back pain is the most frequent reason for people to visit their doctor and it is one of the main causes of people taking time off work. It can be a very debilitating and painful experience.

Some back pain is caused by a minor injury or a sudden twisting or lifting movement, but often there is often no obvious cause – this type is therefore called non-specific back pain. Very rarely, back pain may be caused by serious underlying diseases such as a severe infection or disorder.

Often non-specific back pain will improve within a couple of weeks, with a little rest and simple medications while carrying on with normal life.

However, if you are experiencing a lot of discomfort or the symptoms aren’t improving, don’t suffer unnecessarily. Treatment from a qualified chiropractor can help you get better and resume a normal life.

Back Pain Chiropractor

Chiropractic treatment

Using a professional chiropractor for back pain is a good treatment option, especially if the pain is starting to affect your daily life. Chiropractors are qualified practitioners, who understand the misery and dysfunction that back pain can cause. They are trained in specific techniques for back pain such as exercise training, application of heat and ice packs, and spinal manipulation.

Spinal manipulation should only be done by a professional who is qualified to do so. It involves using controlled force to manually manipulate the affected joints in the back, to improve the range of movement and reduce pain. The main priority of treatment is to restore full function to the spine and to get you back to living a normal life again.

Chiropractic helps your nervous system for improved wellness and a better quality of life. Why not let us help you by calling and making an appointment?