Chiropractic Traction Therapy in Waterford, MI.

Back injuries can cause a damaged disc which places stress on the surrounding nerves and can cause pain. Chiropractic traction therapy may improve back pain and help the injured discs heal properly. Traction therapy can help give patients a better quality of life and keep them more active in their daily lives.

Chiropractic Traction Therapy

Chiropractic traction therapy

Using traction therapy for pain in the lower back, neck, or even disc issues may be a beneficial way to ease constant or occasional pain. Chiropractors gently pull the vertebrae apart, stretching the spine slightly. They will use longitudinal strokes to sooth the tissue around the affected area and essentially reverse the force of gravity on the spine.

Relief happens quickly after this treatment, and the affected discs and joints begin the healing process. There are two ways to do traction therapy: manually or mechanically. When performed manually the chiropractor uses their hands to stretch the spine and massage the joints and muscles. Traction therapy performed mechanically uses a table, machine, and tools for stretching the spine. Both are safe methods to separate and stretch the vertebrae for relief; your diagnosis will determine which method is best for your condition.

 Chiropractic TractionWhat can traction therapy improve?

Spinal traction therapy provides much-needed relief for many issues in a non-surgical way. Chiropractic traction therapy can improve curvature of the spine, herniated discs, spine stiffness, joint stiffness, and nerve pain. Traction therapy increases blood circulation to bring relief to other areas of the back and neck as well. Joints will be more mobile after traction therapy as well.

Multiple chiropractic traction therapy treatments may be needed to continue having healthy joints and muscles. This treatment is not an option for those with certain cancers and osteoporosis; a chiropractic professional can determine if chiropractic traction therapy is a good fit for spinal relief in your case.

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