Bulging Disc Treatments in Waterford MI

Feeling a sudden jolt of pain in your back when you move a certain way may be a sign of a bulging disc. This condition is very treatable but left ignored, and you could find yourself with chronic back pain.

What is a Bulging Disc?

In between each vertebra of the spine, discs exist which “cushion” each vertebra from rubbing together. As the disc layers are made up mostly of water, as we age and naturally lose fluid from our bodies, bulging discs can become a problem. This is particularly true for those who perform manual labor on a regular basis or intensive athletic activity.

disk degeneration

How do I Know I Have a Bulging Disc?

If you have quick, sharp back or neck pain when you move in a certain position, you could have a bulging disc.
It’s always best to check with your physician or chiropractor to have a formal diagnosis and receive bulging disc treatment. If you suspect a bulging disc, do not continue to exercise or work if at all possible as doing so could make it worse or ensure it becomes chronic.

Bulging Disc Treatment

While serious and in some cases, debilitating, bulging disc treatment is quite common and well understood by health professionals.
Treatment options include spine adjustments, stretching techniques, and only if necessary, injections or surgery.
A spine adjustment is carried out by a chiropractor and involves gentle movement and re-adjusting of the spine.

A stretching regime may be identified depending on the nature of the injury and will be able to be led by the chiropractor and sent home as homework by the patient.


disk protrusion

Only in severe cases will surgery be recommended for a bulging disc.

These are just a few options for treatment of bulging discs. Your chiropractic specialist can provide the best treatment option for your situation.

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