BPPV Causes and Treatment in Waterford, MI

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, or BPPV for short, is one of the more common forms of vertigo. BPPV is benign, which means it is not life-threatening. However, the effects of vertigo, namely sudden unexplained dizziness or nausea, can be very dangerous in certain environments, and incredibly frustrating to live with.

Causes of BPPV

Positional vertigo is, as the name implies, caused by a change in position, that is a change of movement will bring on a sudden bout of vertigo. The most likely cause for BPPV is that the crystals in the inner ear are out of alignment. The canals in our inner ear provide our primary sense of movement. Although our visual and nervous systems contribute, it’s the tiny sensing hairs and crystals in our inner ear that provide the brain with the body’s sense of acceleration and deceleration. This is why if you lose visual clues or have contradicting visual clues, like on a boat without a horizon or on a spiraling staircase, your body often responds with a bout of vertigo.

Treatments for BPPV

If there is no other neurological cause for the imbalance, then it is assumed vertigo is caused by misalignment of the crystals in the inner ear. The treatment revolves around attempting to realign these crystals. Realignment is normally through repeated exercises which involve manipulation of the head and neck, or vertical to horizontal movement of the upper body.

At Michigan Chiropractic Specialists, we can help you apply the techniques that are known to help with BPPV, for example, the Semont maneuver, the Epley maneuver, or the Canalith repositioning maneuver.

Just like shaking the stuck salt from a salt shaker, the maneuvers and exercises required will need repetition and potentially some trial and error to find what helps to get the stuck crystals back in their proper position.

BPPV Treatment

Will BPPV Cure Itself?

Some medical advice says the ‘paroxysmal’ indicates if left alone the body may cure itself of a bout of BPPV. This may be the case. However, it may also be possible that it could get worse. Crystals that harden in a new position will require surgery. With these odds, even if mild, it’s a good idea to implement a few realignment exercises before symptoms get worse.

For more information on BPPV causes and treatments, Michigan Chiropractic Specialists have experts that can help you find a solution.

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