Back Pain Doctor in Waterford, MI

Back pain is one of the most common complaints doctors in America treat. Millions are on medications or undergo extensive surgeries to relieve their pain and restore a quality of life they once knew. However, many types of back pain can be treated naturally.

Whether you’ve suffered an injury to your back, developed natural wear and tear of your spinal discs, or you’ve got a herniated disc, your chiropractor can help. This proven treatment method can prevent the ongoing use of medication as well as the need for surgery. A chiropractor is an excellent choice for a back pain doctor.

Back pain

What’s Causing My Pain?

Pain can have a large variety of causes. Some of the most common include herniated discs, subluxations or misalignment of the joints in the spine, and degenerative disc disease. While degenerative disc disease comes on naturally with aging for many people, herniated discs and subluxations can be due to underlying causes.

Auto, sports, and work injuries are common culprits for both herniated discs as well as subluxations. When the joints that make up the spine become misaligned, it puts pressure on the surrounding nerves and tissue. This can cause strain, discomfort, and even severe pain.

Back Pain Doctor

How Can A Chiropractor Help?

Your chiropractor can create a treatment plan to relieve your back pain. Gentle readjustments of the joints can relieve pressure and pain. This can be done through traditional gentle thrusting motions. However, methods such as pulsing, or pressure can also realign the joints. These non-thrusting methods are especially useful for those with weak joints or severe pain.

Once the joints are realigned, you will experience improved blood flow, less stiffness, and a greater range of motion in the back.

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