Back Pain Causes and Treatment in Waterford, MI

Back pain can be very unpleasant and can sometimes happen without warning. It is one of the main reasons people visit their doctor. What are some of the back pain causes and treatment?

Mechanical or non-specific back pain

This is the most common type of back pain, and it is rarely a serious problem. The name means it comes from the tissues and joints near the spine and there is no obvious cause. This type of back pain can often feel worse if you move; changing your position can either make it feel better or worse.

It may happen:
• as a result of a minor injury, for example, a pulled muscle;
• because you have lifted something awkwardly;
• if you are stressed or run down;
• for no obvious reason at all.

Other types of back pain

Sometimes the pain is caused by underlying conditions, such as:

• bulging or ruptured disks – the soft tissues between spinal bones;
• osteoarthritis;
• sciatica – inflammation of the long nerve that runs from your spine to your feet;
• ankylosing spondylitis – inflammation of the joints in the spine;
• spondylolisthesis – one of the spinal bones slipping out of position;
• serious conditions such as an infection or cancer, but these are extremely rare.


Rarer types of back pain will require treatment of the underlying cause and may need specific treatment by an orthopedic specialist.

Non-specific back pain will often improve by itself within a couple of weeks. Resting for a short time at first may help tissues to heal, but it’s also important to keep as active as you can.

Medication may be prescribed to reduce pain, and heat or ice packs are often effective to reduce inflammation in the affected tissues. In some cases, physical exercises are useful.

Spinal manipulation by a qualified chiropractor can also be used to improve symptoms – this involves manual manipulation of joints to improve movement, using a special technique. The main priorities of treatment are to relieve pain, restore function and prevent further injury.

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