Achilles Tendonitis Causes & Treatment Options in Waterford, MI

If you are experiencing Achilles tendon pain, tenderness, stiffness, or swelling, talk to a chiropractor about your Achilles tendonitis causes and treatment options. Reaching out to a chiropractor can help you get the root of the problem and healing quickly.

Causes of Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles tendonitis is caused when the tendon that runs from the calf muscle to the heel is inflamed and painful. This often occurs when athletes overuse this tendon during strenuous activities. This can also occur in sedentary lifestyles when the tendon is under stress, calf muscles are tight, or bone spurs are present. There are two types of Achilles tendonitis: Noninsertional Achilles Tendonitis which affects the middle of the tendon (occurring in young, active patients) and Insertional Achilles Tendonitis which affects the area of the heel where the tendon and bone meet (occurring in patients of active and sedentary lifestyles alike). Both types need immediate treatment to prevent further injury.

The Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor for Achilles Tendonitis

Thankfully, Achilles tendonitis can heal. Typically, this injury is caused by a sport or exercise injury, and chiropractic treatment is effective and necessary for healing this type of injury. The Achilles tendon, unfortunately, has poor blood circulation, causing the tissues to repair more slowly when injured. To increase the circulation to the area to promote healing, chiropractic treatment must occur. Not only does seeking chiropractic help for Achilles tendonitis promote healing, but a chiropractor works with you to help you regain movement in your calf and ankle area and achieve balance in the body once again. This often includes exercises to lengthen and strengthen the calf area to help support the Achilles tendon.

However, it is crucial to seek chiropractic treatment as soon as possible to prevent further injury. If Achilles tendonitis remains untreated, this can lead to a torn or ruptured Achilles tendon that makes it nearly impossible to walk and often requires surgery. Avoid this scenario by contacting Michigan Chiropractic Specialists and scheduling an appointment.

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